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Halo Infinite: Master Chief and the Weapon

Why Halo Will Never Return To The Glory Days

We will never get the old Halos back, even if they did everything the consensus fandom wants them to do. Why?Because it’s not about order-taking and just doing what people want you to do. 343 has to believe in, abide by and take autonomous actions centered around the core concepts of Halo. Otherwise, they are just doing things without understanding why they are doing them.They will never have the moral high ground to push back on excessive requests because they don't share the same goals and values as the fandom. When you’re aligned with your fandom and have their trust, you’re allowed the cache or creative freedom to take risks and experiment because you all want the same things at the end of the day. You all share the same vision.Not being aligned is like a bad relationship with some good moments, bad moments, and some really bad moments. 343 made it…

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Halo 4 Master Chief

Why Halo 4 is the Worst Halo Game

I'm one of Halo's biggest fans, expressing my awe for the Halo universe with the blog post: Why I Fell in Love with Halo a while ago. However, I could never get behind Halo 4. I was beyond disappointed with the game's release in 2021. Halo 5 also had a shaky story, but it felt more like a Halo game. Halo 5's gameplay was much better, and at least the Covenant were themselves again. Hopefully, Halo Infinite continues on the path of returning to a true Halo game. Until then, I'll outline a few points of why I dislike this game so much.Halo 4's Enemies are a Step BackwardsMost if not all of Halo 4's enemies are lifeless robotic, incoherent drones with no personality. This applies mainly to the Prometheans but can also be applied to the Covenant. The Prometheans are nothing more than bullet sponges. The Prometheans hop or transport (cheap…

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Halo 3 Game Play - Quincy Bingham

Why I Fell in Love with Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo has been one of my favorite pastimes over the last decade. I remember the first time I picked up a controller at my friend's place in the earlier 2000s. I had no idea what I was playing or doing, but the game somehow was soothing to play. It had the perfect balance of a beautiful open world ripe for exploration but also a first-person shooter with just the right amount of difficulty. The game was set in the future on a mysterious ringworld you crashed into while being chased by aliens determined to destroy your ship. You weren't the captain of this ship or even a known military leader. But you were a human, super-soldier, awaken for dier situations such as these. As the story goes, we humans were space-faring and settling foreign worlds, but still engaged in the self-destructive behavior of divisive politics and civil wars. We were still…

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Super Planet Crash – The Ultimate Space Game

Have you ever wondered how different masses in space interact with each other gravitationally and how stable solar systems form? Then you will want to check out the game Super Planet Crash. Super Planet Crash is a browser-based gravity game that originated from an open-source program used by astronomers to detect planets outside of our Solar System born out of the work of Yale Professor of Astronomy, Greg Laughlin and Stefano Meschairi at UC Santa Cruz. This fun and addictive game lets users create their planetary systems utilizing several different astronomical bodies, including Earth-like masses, Super-Earths, Ice Giants, Giant Planets, Brown Dwarfs, and Dwarf Stars. How To Play Super Planet Crash At the game's opening, players are given a single Earth-like mass that has been assigned an arbitrary orbit around a central parent star. The challenge is for players to create their solar system by continuing to add additional masses within a…

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Solar Republic Card Game - Model Laura Harwood

The Solar Republic Game Play Instructions and Rules

The Solar Republic game is a great game for those familiar with the common games of Spades and Euchre but also appreciate a little “space” in their card games. The game was created with an affinity for space exploration, astronomy, and astronomical symbols.Imagine a future, not quite dystopian, but by far not a walk in the park. We are space-faring but still human. Our technological advances have allowed us to thrive in places we would have never dreamed of.The adventurous are truly going where no man has gone before, setting up settlements and colonies throughout the Solar System. Land is the new currency. The more you own, the more you can secure a future for yourself and your family amidst constant unrest.You have three goals. Demonstrate your Prowess. Explore the Unknown. Conquer the Solar System.The Solar Republic Game Play in 5 minsThe deck consists of 52 cards, 5 suits, and 2…

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