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About The Solar Republic

The idea of Solar Republic was created over 25 years ago, by two large-eyed Mississippi kids who dreamed of traveling among the stars. They were obsessed with the planets, stars, and constellations. Their imagination led them to ask questions such as “what would it be like to set foot on Mars” or “to scour the upper atmosphere of Titan”. They read cover to cover books such as Wayne Douglas Barlow’s “Expedition,” fascinated by the biology, the geography, the technology, the art of discovering new worlds. Nothing amazed them more than to behold, with our own eyes, the mapped surfaces of moons transmitted to us from Voyager, Cassini and other probes passing through our Solar System during the late 1990s.

They were explorers, even if their “explorations” were the equivalent of a pile of science books our parents bought us for getting good grades. They were taken away from them when they didn’t behave in school. They are known affectionately…and otherwise as “space nerds.” On the surface, they rebuked the label but internally embraced it. They would get overly jubilant when we thumbed through the pages of Wayne Barlowe’s “Expedition” or “Stars and Planets” from Peterson Field Guilds.

Twenty-Five years later, one of those children is the author of children’s books, and the other is pursuing the millennial lifestyle of “working from anywhere” as a marketer. What remains the same is our love for the stars, in this case, something more close to home, our star, the Sun, named Sol and her family of planetary systems.

That love produced the Solar Republic. But what is the Solar Republic? The Solar Republic is about more than stars and planets or space exploration. It’s about a journey, a journey into the unknown, doing something we have never done before and becoming something we have never been before. It’s about living up to our potential as human beings on this planet, within this Solar System, within this universe, your universe.

It’s an idea that besides the conflict that we see on the news every day we can rise above our disagreements and disenchantments and come together for a singular purpose.  In order for us to do that, we are going to need more dreamers who can see what can’t be seen and we are going to need more doers who are willing to do what hasn’t been done. This next stage of human evolution will be spearheaded by those who appreciate the fine arts as well as the beauty of a well-balanced mathematical equation. We are going to need individuals who embrace the competitive spirit with a desire to be great, but live and walk in love, empathy, and charity. To that end, everything produced, directed or created by the Solar Republic embodies our journey on the path to becoming better humans and eventually, the path to space. That’s the vision, what’s the story?

Elon Musk has done a fantastic job of pushing his agenda of leading humankind to Mars, although I can’t ignore the nagging doubts I have about Mar’s lack of a magnetosphere. Nevertheless, like those before him, he has pioneered the unknown, putting his wealth to good use, funded the dreams of his youth. Why not do the same? As a kid, I was inspired by Nas’s My Way and Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week.

I hope you enjoy the movement as well as the card game. My specialty is marketing, specifically online marketing. We wish to get people excited about the idea of space travel and exploring our beautiful Solar System. In every way, it is the final frontier for humankind. One of the only moves that will unite us as humankind in one effort to further our species and ensure it’s survival. Whether you are a scientist, marketer, accountant, secretary or grocer, you have a place within this movement.

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