Ready To Play The Solar Republic?

You have three goals. Demonstrate your Prowess. Explore the Unknown. Conquer the Solar System.

Not Just Another Space Card Game

The Solar Republic is based on the idea that space travel is not limited to the dreams and lectures of professors, engineers and scientists.

Space travel is a reality. Setting foot on Mars is real. Saturn’s rings are as real as the smell of your dog’s hot breath that wakes you up every morning. But not only is it real. Space is cool. Cooler than Okoye kicking ass in South Korean casino. Yeah it’s that cool, so is The Solar Republic.

The Solar Republic Card Game is a collection of 101 cards, each representing the Sun, a planet or a moon within our Solar System. The purpose of the game is to conquer the Solar System. The player who finishes the game with the most cards in his possession wins. It’s just that simple. And just like Trump doesn’t have to give a coherent speech to president, you dont have to know one name of a planet or moon to play…and win.

Nerds beware.

Origin of Astronomical Symbols

The Solar Republic Card Game at it’s core is a minimalist game. Each card has two numbers, two small symbols and two larger symbols. While we respect astrology, this is by far an astrological game. The Greeks and Romans of antiquity have had a profound impact upon of study of stars and planets. They named the planets, stars and constellations after their mythological gods, demigods, goddesses and creatures. Along with those names came symbols, most of which we use today.

The Solar Republic takes this a step further. We have designed symbols for the vast majority of moons that orbit other planets in our Solar System. Keeping with antiquity traditions, the moon’s symbols mimic the symbols of their planet and hint at either a prominent feature of the moon, or the story as it relates to the mythological character in which they share names with.

The symbols where by far our greatest accomplishment, since the idea has been over 30 years in the making!See some examples below and while you’re at it, sign-up for regular updates!