the deck

Each deck consists on 101 cards.

rank of numbers

5 – Sun, real name “Sol” – 1 card
4 – Large Planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) – 4 cards
3 – Small Planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars) – 4 cards
2 – Large Moons and Dwarf Planets – 23 cards
1 – Small Moons – 69 cards

suits and wild cards

•  Jupiter – 16 moons
•  Saturn – 23 moons
•  Uranus – 15 moons
•  Neptune – 9 moons
•  Mercury
•  Venus
•  Earth – 1 Moon
•  Mars – 2 Moons
•  Sol – wildcard
•  Makemake – wildcard
•  Eris – wildcard
•  Haumea – wildcard
•  Pluto – 1 Moon, Charon – wildcard
•  Ceres – wildcard

the eight planets

Below are the eight planets and their symbols. The four, smaller, terrestrial, inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars are represented by the number “3”. The larger, gaseous outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn & Neptune, are represented by the number “4”. You’ll need to know these symbols because the majority of cards are moons of one of these planets. All moon symbols except for our moon, (Luna), highly resemble their planet’s symbol. Each planetary system is a suite or category of cards. Each suit consists of the primary planet, it large moons, and its smaller moons. Large Moons are designated with a “2” and small moons are designated with a “1”.

the eight planets

planetary suit example

Below is an example of Jupiter’s symbol along with its large moon, Europa’s symbol and one of Jupiter’s smaller moons, Leda’s symbol. Notice how Jupiter’s moon’s symbols have Jupiter’s base structure. All of Jupiter’s moons will be easily identifiable by the shape of their symbol.


wild cards

Dwarf planets and the Sun (Sol) are wild cards. This means that they do not belong to a suite, (except Pluto) but can be played according to their number. Only Pluto belongs to a suite, which includes Pluto and Charon. Below are the dwarf planets and the Sun. The Sun, Sol is the only number “5” in the deck, the highest card.

dwarf planets wild cards

object of the game

To obtain the highest number of cards within a player’s possession (or their team) after the cards are added up at the end of game play. The game ends when there are no more cards within all player’s hands.

the deal

The first dealer is chosen by a draw for high card. The turn to deal proceeds clockwise. The number of cards dealt is the determined by the number of players. If there are two players, anywhere in between 10 or 15 cards can be dealt. With 4 and up. It is recommended that each player receives seven cards. The number of cards dealt is irrelevant since the remaining cards after the deal will be placed on the table, face down to be pulled when a player doesn’t have a matching suite or a higher card for taking a trick.

the game play

The game is scored by the number of cards within each player’s possession. The winner(s) must have the highest number of cards at the end of the game. Upon the last card being dealt, the player to the dealer’s left has the first play. The first player must play a card from his hand or the deck. Each player has six choices.

game play choices

1. Play a card from his hand that matches the suit. (Suit = Planetary System)

2. Play a card from his hand that is within the suite and has a higher number than the top card on the table.

3. Once a trump card OR higher numbered card is played, the player can take ALL cards under the trump card on the table.

4. If the player does not have a card within the suit, he can draw a card from the deck OR play a wild card. Wild cards can only be taken by planets (3 or 4) or Sol (5) However, a “2” can be played after a wild card.

5. A player can defer all other plays and pull from the deck on the table. A player will do this if he feels that he has a better opportunity to obtain a higher ranking card than he has in his hand if he doesn’t have a card in the suit or a matching number.

6. If the player chooses to draw from the deck, they can play the card drawn from the deck. But the player has to be aware that one of the objects of the game is relieved himself of all cards in hand so this decision could backfire.