Solar Republic – Year of the Sun Playlist

Solar Republic – Year of the Sun Playlist

The Solar Republic – Year of the Sun playlist is my humble opinion, one of the best space playlists you’ll find online. The playlist was inspired by the card game Solar Republic, based on the planets, moons, and Sun of our Solar System. The playlist includes contemporary trip-hop, indie, and NASA soundbites. Perfect for capturing the essence of interplanetary travel as a here and now proposition, not some futuristic fantasy.

Coming from a lifelong space lover, I always found much to be desired with most playlists. They were almost always overly orchestral or presented excessive electronic music. “Space” or the thought of the place just outside of our atmosphere has always been portrayed as a far away, distant and alien place where only robots and computers could thrive.

We see this with “Space ambiance” playlists on Youtube or with one Google search of “Space Music, ” and you’ll get big names such as Micheal Stearns, Alpha Centauri, or Zeit. No knock on those guys, but Solar Republic’s take on space music is different. We believe space is a human inevitability. Space is a part of the human experience, not some distance faraway place. Space encases us, we live, eat, sleep, and play in space. Space constructs the time in which we organize our lives. Revolutions around our sun determine our age.

The moon’s revolutions to some degree determine what a lot of us consider a “month” of time. So it is only natural, that space music = human music. It is a story told by me and my life experience and an inner-city youth raised in Jackson, MS, looking up at the stars, wondering about the possibilities and opportunities that lie beyond our skies. That dream lives with me to this day, and it’s expressed in the form of music.

The playlist is presented on the Spotify platform. My apologies to those who can’t access it. I advise using Spotify for its ease of use and the diversity of their library. I can find over 90% of the songs released in my lifetime (and before) on album or EP on Spotify plus all kinds of audiobooks, live recordings, and videos.