The Solar Republic

You have three goals. Demonstrate your Prowess. Explore the Unknown. Conquer the Solar System.

In the not so distant future, we have reached new levels of technological and scientific advancements. In our quest to explore new frontiers, we harnessed the power of gravity and solved the radiation problem that has prevented us from traveling into deep space.

As we venture out and settle the worlds of our Solar System, old habits remain. Our appetite for conflict, aggression and war remains as strong as ever. The Solar System has become a cluster of feudalist republics vying for power and natural resources. You are tasked by Geneva with uniting these warring factions of a divided Solar System.

You have three goals. Demonstrate your Prowess. Explore the Unknown. Conquer the Solar System.

For the Space Lovers

The perfect gift for lovers of astronomy, space exploration and sci-fi!

The card game at it’s core is a minimalist game featuring 75 cards and 5 planetary suits, the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Each planetary suit features their large and small moons with the Sun’s suit encasing the inner planets and dwarf planets. Wither you want to learn about the world’s beyond our world or just have a drink a play a chill game with your friends, the SR game has you covered!

And don’t worry, just like Trump doesn’t have to give a coherent speech to be president, you don’t need to know anything about the Solar System to play the game…but that knowledge would definitely give an edge over you compadres… 

Below is the Neptune suit made up of Neptune, Triton and Neptune’s other 14 moons. I have a hunch there are moons to be discovered, but leave that up to the astronomers! You will notice that smaller moons carry the designation “1” while, larger moons and dwarf planets with enough hydrostatic equilibrium to round themselves carry the designation “2”.

In the game, “2” SS (solar system) celestial bodies are invaluable for their somewhat stable gravity, habitability, resources and as “base-cities” around the the major planets. Therefore, they are interchangeable, allowing players to jump in between suits.