Planets Outside of Our Solar System

I was in awe when I first encountered this video. The visuals and music are exceptionally done. It illustrates just far we have come since mankind pointed curved glass towards the sky. The video is a visualization of 1,705 planets in 685 systems as of November 24, 2015, found by Kepler. As of today, (Mar 2, 2017) we have found 3,572 exoplanets in 2,682 planetary systems. That’s a shit ton of planets! We have come a long way from the first discovery of the exoplanet in 1988.

The Kepler Orrery IV video, an update from the Kepler Orrery III version, is the latest installment in findings from the Kepler Telescope and its search for planets outside our Solar System.

The planetary systems are shown orbiting at the same scale as our Solar System for reference. The size of planetary orbits is to scale while the planetary sizes aren’t exactly to scale but are relative. In other words, planetary sizes should be compared to other planets in this chart, but in reality, they may be much larger or smaller. The planet colors are based on their approximate equilibrium temperatures, as shown in the legend with Earth temperatures represented by the blue color.

As you know by now, we love music! The track to this video is from Csillagköd – The Birth of the Solar System. You can also find the track on Csillagköd’ Spotify page. And for the truly adventurous, I found this page.


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