A Spiritual Moment: Movement and Change Through Time and Space

A Spiritual Moment: Movement and Change Through Time and Space

Our movement and change through time and space are fundamental characteristics of what it means to be alive. Imagine a world where everything was still, no time, no past, no future, nothing.

Without movement and change, absolutely nothing would exist. As much as the entropy of change eventually dooms us all, it also gives us life. There is no life without movement. There’s no life without change, time, and space.

The stars and planets give an overwhelming perspective on movement, change, space, and time. It’s fundamental to how we live our lives. Look at your watch. Have you ever wondered why an hour is 60 mins? Why are there 24 hours a day? Seven days in a week?

Why do we have months, seasons, or years? Who made up the rule that months are around 30 days? Where did your zodiac signs come from? Where did “military” time come from?

Hint: The zodiac has NOTHING to do with astrology or your personality traits, and military time wasn’t a “military” invention.

The measurement of time has a long history spanning many civilizations and societies, however, we know they all bear the same origins, the movement of either celestial bodies or subatomic particles.

Before there were iPhones, Google Maps, and smartwatches, we had the stars, planets, sextants, astrolabes, sundials, and celestial globes. The movement of celestial objects has always been the cornerstone of our existence.

We used to look up for perspective, guidance, and understanding.

There is a spiritual awakening that takes place when you observe a solar eclipse for the first time.

The moon moves so swiftly, intentionally, and perfectly without human interference. It’s a massive, majestic, heavenly body quietly witnessing the rise and fall of civilizations, shedding light on each and every human who has ever lived.

It knows all of our secrets but yet moves like clockwork revolving around the Earth every 27 days, 7 hours, and 43.1 minutes.

And we have absolutely no control over this process.

The heavens grounds us.

It exists without us, despite us.

Think about it…

It takes 30 years for Saturn to complete an orbit around the Sun, it takes Uranus 84 years and it takes Neptune 165 years to complete an orbit around the Sun.

Your life, if you’re lucky, is but a year for Uranus and two generations of your family will pass away before Neptune completes one revolution around the Sun.

It’s humbling to know that you, your problems, your hopes, and dreams are simultaneously everything and nothing but a blip in a universe that operates outside of your logical analysis or emotional pleas.

It doesn’t care what you think or have to say, because you are nothing more than a spec of dust on a rock in a system that moves and changes through time and space irrespective of you.

However, there is both a great equalizer and advantage we have as humans. The equalizer is that everything alive or not is bound to movement and change through time and space.

But what’s more is that even though your time on this small pebble may be short, but every moment is precious because every moment gives you the opportunity to add meaning to the universe, interpret the universe and BE the universe, the universe that the universe could not be without you.

Saturn can not attribute beauty to itself, only you can interpret its beauty. The moon doesn’t know it’s bright or full.

Only you can make that determination.

The fact that you can interpret movement and change through time and space is a miracle unto itself.

Cherish it, relish it.

Life is a miracle that allows you to enjoy miracles. Your atoms could have been used to create the rocks that form the rings of Saturn, which orbit Saturn without knowing their infinite beauty.

Only you can interpret that beauty as you move and change through time and space. Think about it the next time you check your watch or look up at the nighttime sky.